• Thank you for your interest in The On Waves' Design Stock Footage Gallery.

    Artists that sell their photos and videos through us will receive a 45% to 60% commission on every item of theirs sold.
    To sign up is totally free.

    Beta Test Sign Up

    This website is set to be launched in early 2020, but for right now we are collecting participants to signup for the beta test. Help us get this site up and running and the best it can be. Sign up below and we will be in touch.

About On Waves' Design

We are a small artist company based in Virginia. It has always been a goal of ours to lift up fellow artists and bring awareness of how important art really is in our everyday life.


In 2015 we started the first North Shore Arts and Music Festival. a nonprofit festival that celebrated the arts and gave new artists an affordable platform to showcase their work.


Now, on the cusp of 2020 we want to offer an even bigger platform for artists to show case their work. With this Stock Footage website we want to give artists the opportunity to sell their work and get an honest commission.


We are offering some of the highest commissions out there as of this date. But we can only do this with your help.